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The Team Behind the Angler’s License Plate Frame in Boise, ID

Steve Sawyer is one of those lucky people who combines two of his passions into his work. Steve uses his creative skills, honed with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Central Washington University, along with his love of fishing to design and market the well-known angler’s license plate frame in Boise, ID. He enjoys these efforts confident in the knowledge that the product line will continue to grow as he applies his skills to an ever-increasing range of items.

Steve is also lucky enough to share this business with his loving and supportive wife, Pam, who is instrumental in developing the company and its products. She offers her capable assistance and valuable support at every turn. Together, the Sawyers supply their products, such as these unique license plate frames, to anglers everywhere under the company name Friends of All Fish.

A Love of the Sea, Lakes, and Rivers

Steve comes to this business naturally. He has caught and released many species of fish around the world. He’s fished in such diverse locations as the Northwest to Mexico to Alaska to Canada. He’s cast a line in rivers, creeks, streams, lakes, and the sea for salmon and halibut.

Steve is a proud United States veteran, and even his service can be linked to the water as he served with the US Navy in Vietnam. When he returned to the States, Steve continued to serve as a member of the US Navy Reserve.

Unique License Plate Design in Meridian, ID

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